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English language Summer camp

In summer we work in the pleasant surrounding of our local ZOO which is situated at Palic and at the horse farm "Kelebija". It is a half-day camp for children (aged 6 to 14) from our town . We organize accommodation and full-day activities for children from other places too.

Throughout the past years we have had students from different places from Serbia ( Pirot, Zrenjanin, Sombor and Belgrade) as well as from abroad ( Hungary and Sweden).

In their free time children are engaged in various activities like: horseback riding, swimming, sports (volleyball, football) ect.

Our camp lasts for two weeks with six hours of activities daily. Our language work is a mixture of intensive language work and play in English. We encourage work through curiosity and creativity so that the reasons for learning are obvious to everyone- to communicate, to have fun, to develop friendship and uniqueness, to express personality through movement, songs and acting, to be close to nature learning to respect it and take care of it instead of polluting it.

The crown of our two-week cooperation is our performance for parents where they can get an idea of what has been done. We have got a great support and appreciation from children's parents since they can see that their children have been directed towards learning and positive attitude towards their surrounding.

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